Trolley Farms

Trolley Farms for beauty and health

Come to the country!

The Trolley farm offers massage, facials, naturopathic evaluations and recommendations and organic dinners in the summer under the stars.

Want to come to a place that is very different? A massage or facial in the Trolley? A naturopathic evaluation of health and nutrition on Skype? Summer dinners in the field?

Prairie skies closed but Trolley Farms opened!

Life is what happens when your making other plans. The economy changed everything for us. We had another ranch and we were doing Prairie skies...when we had to move back to our smaller space, we decided to make something new from it! So welcome to the Trolley and the small 2.5 acre farm with organic vegetables, chickens and horses. We have a resident bunny and our hope for a new adventure in the trolley and at our table in the summer. Dinner under the stars in the summer....massages and facials in the winter. Technology enables you to have a visit with me on Skype and face to face from your own home we can tweek your nutrition and your life for a better you!